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   Manifestation of Sonship

KOM Kingdom Ladies Advancement Special Weekend Retreat 2024

God gave his servant, Sherma Oriakhi this vision in 2010. He said take my leaders to a separated location. A venue where there is rest, peace, privacy and comfort that I may reveal myself to them.

Ever since, she has been organizing ladies retreat. For her first ladies retreat she joined forces together with another ministry. After that one more joint ladies retreat followed. In 2016 Sherma Oriakhi was led to pursuit the vision alone and gave it the name KOM Ladies Special Weekend Retreat and later it became KOM Kingdom Ladies Advancement Special Weekend Retreat.

Since then yearly it has been organized especially designed for that season and moment led by the spirit of God at a certain location in Holland. As the years goes by the vision becomes more and more clear to her. A weekend that we will separate ourselves apart united as one and seek Gods face:

- to experience His manifest presence;

- to find rest, peace and comfort;

- to find divine love;

- to learn and unlearn, because of the strong meat of the WORD;

- to be healed of every wounds;

- to be set free from every captivity;

- to be impacted and go and impact others;

- to be encouraged and strengthen in the Lord;

- to be an inspiration for others with our creativity, talent and skills;

- to meet other fellow sisters local and international;

- to be remembered that you matter and you have a voice;

- to share your testimony and be a blessing for others!

- Praying together

Therefore, irrespective of what ails you, come expecting to experience the supernatural like never before, and enter your rest at long last. It is time to take delivery of your inheritance.

The visionary, the Lord servant Sherma Oriakhi


For registration, payments and more details on the program please click here