Kelly Oriakhi Ministries (KOM) 

   Manifestation of Sonship

A Production on The New Testament

The New Testament was all about the birth of the Saviour Jesus Christ, His ministry and his assignment before departing back to the Father. He left the Holy Spirit here on earth and the church was birthed. The New Testament starts with Matthew and ends with Revelation. In this production The New Testament comes alive through the songs, drama, music, dance and spoke words. With the intention to understand and read the bible each time with a different glass and see what you can learn and unlearn. Each chapter teaches us something new about God’s plan and purpose for man and how to come back to him.

This year production we are pressing on with wonderful vessels of God from over 20 churches and several countries. Several vessels of God united as one bringing alive the NEW Testament. During the production the Word of God will come alive through the Spoken Word, drama, dance, mime and songs. These are all gifts given to the body of Christ to bring the Good News.
 Stage Manager: Dr Ade (UK)
 Dance Team: Apostle Pamela Hardy (USA)
 Worship Team: Pastor Maxime Brooks, Birmingham Community Gospel Choir (UK), Coordinator Psalmist Angala. Special featuring Pastor Enrique Holmes from USA.
 Drama Team: Brother Jonathan Davis (USA)
 Spoken Word: Prophetess Sherma Oriakhi, Apostle Kelly Oriakhi, Pastor William Boateng, Prophetess Dorcas Boateng, Apostle Gerard Worm, Pastor Alexander Emogehe,, Pastor Mariana Vanstipelen, Pastor Elroy George, sister Madelon Grant

On Friday before the production diner will be served and Saturday after the production a take a way box.

Diner is included in fee for both days!

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Producer: Prophetess Sherma Oriakhi-Merselina


In 2010 Prophetess Sherma and her husband Apostle Kelly Oriakhi were launched into a field Ministry (Kelly Oriakhi Ministries) with a vision to "Grow sons out of the children of God and equip them for exploits with the strong meat of the Word of God." And in February 2018, God commissioned them to plant the Full Stature of Christ Church, Antwerp, Belgium.

Sherma is a licensed prophetic dancer of the Eagles International Training Institute (EITI) She got trained as a Prophet of God in 2012 at the Eagles International School of Prophecy USA, Texas. She is also a member of TEN (Holland). Both schools are founded by Apostle Pamela Hardy. She also hold a Bachelor's Degree in Laws.

Sherma's spiritual training are from Apostle Alva and Alvin Green, Bishop David Oyedepo, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, late Dr. Myles Munroe and many more.

Sherma Oriakhi is by God's grace, a prophetess, a prophetic dancer, author, song writer, producer, instructor, a teacher and preacher of the Word of God, a coach, a mentor and a leader in the church and God's kingdom. She is the author of “Guard Your Heart” and “Bewaak uw heart”, Bruised But Not Broken, Gekneusd maar niet gebroken, writer * producer of Jospeh The Prince of Many Colors and the song "Hold On Now", visionair of the prophetic dance team Beautiful Feet Worshipers, Kingdom Ladies Advancement Special Weekend and Facebook Live broadcast Bruised But Not Broken.

Speaker: Apostle Kelly Oriakhi

Apostle Kelly E. Oriakhi is a renowned teacher of God’s word. God is using him to teach and preach the gospel of Christ, as well as train and mentor leaders across the nations of the world. Apostle Kelly has a unique call from God, “

To grow sons out of children of God and equip them for exploits with the strong meat of the word of God.”

By the grace of God, Apostle Kelly is the president of Kelly Oriakhi Ministries, KOM Institute for Kingdom Empowerment, Fellowship of ADAMS and Giant Arise Mentorship, in the Netherlands. He is also the president of The Full Stature of Christ Church. Apostle Kelly holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education/Political Science and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He is the author of the books: Understanding The Purpose And Power Of Seeds, The Profit Of The Earth and The Grace of God.


Apostle Kelly is one of the spiritual sons of Papa David O. Oyedepo, the Apostle over the Winners’ Commission – Living Faith Church Worldwide.

He also has spiritual roots in Kenneth Copeland Ministries.
Apostle Kelly is joyfully married to Prophetess Sherma Oriakhi and they both live in the Netherlands.


Stage manager: Dr Ade

Praise & Worship Coordinator: Pastor Maxine Brooks 

Birmingham Community Gospel Choir, also known as BCGC, was founded in June 2005 and brings together singers of all ages and backgrounds from across the city. We are directed by experienced Singer and Song Writer, Maxine Brooks, who instills confidence, technique and skill in our members, which is brought to every event we perform at.

Since winning the title of BBC Songs Of Praise, ‘Gospel Choir Of the Year’ 2015, the choir have continued to go on from strength to strength. They were invited to perform in the worlds biggest pantomime production of Cinderella by Jon Conway productions, at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham. It was a spectacular event with a host of stars including Bradley Walsh & Paul O’Grady.

The choir has also been featured on various CDs such as “Dion Dublin’s Christmas” and Gareth Malone’s “A Great British Christmas.” They performed on ‘Oh Holy Night’ & ‘Keeping The Dream Alive’ before joining Gareth again in a choir ensemble for the BBC Sports Personality Awards Event. Here they added their unique gospel sound to Gareth’s original arrangement of David Bowie’s, ‘Heroes’, and sang in front of a backdrop of images of sporting heroes who had sadly passed away that year. Gareth again invited the choir to sing with him on his Birmingham tour date at the prestigious Symphony Hall in November 2017.

In addition to having been featured on numerous radio shows including Ed Doolan & Jeremy Vine, Television shows including BBC Songs Of Praise, The One Show and BBC Sports Personality Of The Year, the choir were winners of the BBC Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of the Year award in 2015.  The past few years have been very busy for BCGC!

With our dedicated members, BCGC travels all over the country to meet the needs of all of our clients. Our dedication means that we are happy to sing Inspirational, as well as Gospel songs, as our focus is on demonstrating the gift of song God has given to us and touching our audiences’ lives.