Kelly Oriakhi Ministries (KOM) 

   Manifestation of Sonship

Our Philosophy


At the entry point into the Kingdom of God, every redeemed child of God, is empowered to become a son of God, after the order of Jesus Christ, the begotten son of God (John 1:12). God ultimate desire is that every redeemed child of His, grow into the fullness of their sonship and fulfil destiny in Christ.


Unfortunately, that seed of sonship is trapped inside many children of God with its inherent power for supernatural manifestation. Thus, many kingdom princes and kings are living below kingdom standard and playing the victim. King Solomon said, “I have seen slaves on horses, and princes walking like slaves on the earth" (Eccl. 10:7).


According to Apostle Paul, as long as an heir remains a child, he is not different from a servant, though he be the lord of all (Galatians 4:1–7). Until the dominant seed of sonship is acknowledged, cultivated, nurtured and fully matured, the supposed heir and lord of all will continue to live a beggarly and defeated life.


The challenge therefore, is for the heir of salvation to accept the responsibility of growth and be willing to pay the price thereof. This is the reason for KOM. We are here to help cultivate and nurture the heir’s dominant seed of sonship into manifestation. We are here to serve you!