Kelly Oriakhi Ministries (KOM) 

   Manifestation of Sonship

Pillars Of Faith


 We believe Jesus died and rose again, and He is coming back again as the resurrected King!

We believe the just shall live by his faith!

We believe in healing and living in divine health! 

We believe righteousness is a gift from God and beneficiaries are obligated to live a holy life!

We believe in the sacredness of the holy matrimony!

We believe the Church of Christ is called to prosper!

We believe in baptism:

  • Water baptism by immersion!
  • Holy Spirit baptism, with the evidence of speaking in tongues! 

We believe in the Anointing and the anointing oil as a symbol of the Holy Spirit!

We believe in the laying on of hands!

We believe in miracles, signs and wonders!

We believe there is life after death!

We believe there is heaven and hell! 

We believe there is Judgement ahead!

We believe there are good angels and bad angels (demons)!