Kelly Oriakhi Ministries (KOM) 

   Manifestation of Sonship

Biography Prophetess Sherma Oriakhi

In 2010 Prophetess Sherma and her husband Apostle Kelly Oriakhi were launched into a field Ministry (Kelly Oriakhi Ministries) with a vision to "Grow sons out of the children of God and equip them for exploits with the strong meat of the Word of God." And in February 2018, God commissioned them to plant the Full Stature of Christ Church, Antwerp, Belgium.

Sherma is a licensed prophetic dancer of the Eagles International Training Institute (EITI) She got trained as a Prophet of God in 2012 at the Eagles International School of Prophecy USA, Texas. She is also a member of TEN (Holland). Both schools are founded by Apostle Pamela Hardy. She also hold a Bachelor's Degree in Laws.

Sherma's spiritual training are from Apostle Alva and Alvin Green, Bishop David Oyedepo, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, late Dr. Myles Munroe and many more. 

Sherma Oriakhi is by God's grace, a prophetess, a prophetic dancer, author, song writer, producer, instructor, a teacher and preacher of the Word of God, a coach, a mentor and a leader in the church and God's kingdom. She is the author of “Guard Your Heart” and “Bewaak uw heart”, writer and producer of the song "Hold On Now", visionair of the prophetic dance team Beautiful Feet Worshipers, Kingdom Ladies Advancement Special Weekend and Facebook Live broadcast Bruised But Not Broken.