Kelly Oriakhi Ministries (KOM) 

   Manifestation of Sonship

Our Mission


This Is Our Portfolio As A Ministry


  • To make saints out of sinners!
  • To disciple new converts in Christ!
  • To make disciples out of church members!
  • To grow sons out of the children of God!
  • To make saviours out of the saints of God!
  • To make servants out of the sons of God!
  • To set order and give direction for supernatural accomplishment in a dark world!
  • To propagate and defend biblical ancient landmarks!
  • To empowers kingdom followers to become leaders within and outside the church!
  • To empower kingdom leaders to excel and become more proficient in their leadership calling!
  • To create the needed platform and atmorsphere for vision discovery, development and pursuit!
  • To empower lives and destines for success and excellence!
  • To stimulate scriptural practise for exploit and dominion in everyday life!