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   Manifestation of Sonship

Book Authored by Apostle Kelly Oriakhi


God created all things beautiful and empowered the earth to yield her increase (profit) to man. The question, therefore, is not whether the earth has something good in stock for its inhabitants, but the challenge is how each citizen of the earth can have their fair share of the profit of the earth.

Everyone has a right to a fair share of the profit of the earth, but it does not come falling on everyone’s lap automatically. Each one must press for it, as life does not give to men what they desire or deserve, but only what they are willing to pressurize life to give. There is what to do to access your fair share of the profit of the earth. That is for you to discover from the pages of this book. Get your copy NOW, and initiate your recovery process



This book – Understanding the Purpose and Power of Seeds

provide an in-depth insight into the world of seeds: its concept, fundamentals, types and the inherent harvest. 

Inside this book, you will receive a fresh divine revelation about seeds. This book will help you understand the purpose and the power of your God given seeds. 

This book will help you to understand the various types of seeds – Natural, Spiritual, Material and Financial, the threefold cord of Thoughts, Words and Actions, at your disposal and their potential harvet. This book will expose you to the various grounds that are available for sowing, and provoke you to take responsibility for your destiny.  

This book will further challenge you to treasure and maximize your God given seeds for your own personal fulfillment and for the benefit of others. This is your opportunity for a new beginning! Please don´t let it slip away! Grab your copy, now!